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The Advancement of Technology and the Modern Day Job Hunter

We talk about job hunting and the introduction of smartphone technology. 

Job Hunting & Technology


The world is always changing and so is the way that people look for jobs. Statistics are now showing, especially amongst recent college grads, that job hunters are more likely to look for jobs via their smart phone than any other medium that is available to them.
Those who operate job boards must be mindful of this new trend and create a site that will allow for the world’s mobility.

Below are a few items that job board sites should keep an eye on when creating and updating their design.
• Can you read it on a smartphone? Keep in mind that smartphones are much smaller than a traditional PC or laptop. Make sure that your site allows for text to easily be read on a smart phone. Many sites offer specialized mobile sites for this purposes.
• Create an app. Many sites have chosen to go this route when designing their site. This allows for users to have the site placed directly on their smartphone and receive up to the minute information and alerts.
• Can a search engine find it? If people can’t find you by search engine, you will not have enough traffic. They will be required to already know where you are.
A job board that is fully optimized for smartphones and mobile devices is extremely important for the modern-day job hunter. Whether you are a jobseeker or employer make sure you are using our mobile friendly job board uses premium job boards that are mobile friendly.