Alternative Job Advertisements

In a difficult or competitive market place it can be a struggle to get your job ad to appeal to candidates.  Should you create a funny job ad or something that’s really different?

Alternative Job Ad’s

A typical job ad or job description details a bit about the company, a bit about the role and also what’s in it for the applicant.  Fairly standard so far.  But what if you need your job ad to stand out?

Usually we’d recommend offering a slightly higher salary for the job vacancy than the competition or writing about what is unique about your company or the job role.  These things normally grab the attention of a job seeker.

Not everybody thinks the same though, have a look at the job advertisement below.  Are you brave enough to spend your money on recruitment services by posting a job advert like this?

alternative job ad










We don’t think this will ever get serious replies so you needn’t copy this unless you want to throw your money away, but believe it or not we can take something from this advert, even if it is just a captivating headline to grab attention or an unusual feature about your job vacancy.

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