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The Changing Face Of Recruitment

Recruitment has changed massively over the last 100 years or so.  From simple billboard posters to social media recruitment.  The question is where next?

Our Job Board Network

We have over 2000 job boards in our network.  Some of them are free job boards and most are premium, paid or specialist job boards that bring in top quality candidates for your job vacancy.  We thought we’d list some of these job boards to show you where your job advert will be posted.

Graduate Recruitment

Graduate recruitment is picking up pace.  As new terms have begun, post grad students have finished their summer off and are actively seeking work.

Telesales Job Description

Next in our series of job descriptions is the telesales position.  There are millions of telesales personnel in the UK and here is our take on a typical job description for a telesales employee.

Alternative Job Advertisements

In a difficult or competitive market place it can be a struggle to get your job ad to appeal to candidates.  Should you create a funny job ad or something that’s really different?

Top UK Job Sites By Traffic Rank

Every job board claims they are the best, have the most traffic etc.  So we thought we’d put together the definitive list to show how each one ranks according to traffic.

Top 10 Hiring Hints

Hiring staff needn’t be a chore.  We’ve published our top 10 hints to help you get the most out of the hiring process and keep your recruitment costs low whilst attracting top talent.