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Receptionist Job Description

Writing a receptionist job description shouldn’t take too long.  Here we will detail an example of a typical receptionist job description for you to use in online job adverts.

Termination Of Employment Letter

A termination of employment letter is something that most employers dread having to write.  It means something is wrong within an organisation, an employee has behaved badly committed and act of gross misconduct or not performed well in a job role.

Job Recruitment

Job recruitment services have traditionally been provided by recruitment agencies or job boards and newspapers advertising.  The advent of social media and online recruitment agencies has really opened the recruitment market wide open.

Recruitment And Selection

Let’s be honest, recruitment and selection of candidates can be time consuming and expensive.  Use a recruitment consultant and get a large bill, place an ad in a newspaper and get a limited response, so what’s the best way to recruit and select candidates?

Job Postings – The Do’s & Don’ts

Ok, so you have created or want to create a job posting on online recruitment job boards, what’s the best approach, where do you advertise a job vacancy and how do you manage the responses?

Post A Job

Looking to post a Job?  So Many job boards, it’s really difficult to post a job in the right place to get the best response.

Your Job Advertisement. Get It Right.

If you are looking to place or write a job advertisement, where do you start?  It can be tricky knowing what to write or put in your job advertisement and also where to put the job advertisement once you have written it.

Get The Most From Recruitment Sites

Recruitment sites serve a dual purpose, companies and businesses use recruitment sites to help fill vacancies by placing adverts, carrying out headhunting activities such as social media recruitment and also CV database searching.  They also allow candidates to register a CV or search job boards.

Why CV Database Searching Provides Top Candidates

For certain job vacancies, posting a job ad just might not be enough.  Specific roles such as engineering, more senior sales jobs, and IT jobs, CV database searching can boost applicant numbers.  Job ads pull candidates that are actively looking for a new employer.  CV database searching allows you to tap into the passive job […]