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Benefits of Recruiting Apprentices

The benefits of recruiting apprentices are numerous.  This sort post will highlight the main reasons you may wish to consider hiring an apprentice.

Apprentices are an excellent way to grow your workforce.  Apprenticeships in the UK are popular with millions of learners expected to embark on work based learning across a huge number of industry sectors so it is highly likely an apprenticeship provider can recruit a learner in your industry.

The benefits of apprentices include

  1. Funding.  Grants are available to help businesses recruit apprentices.  Your local apprenticeship provider will be able to advise what your business is eligible for and how to apply for funding.
  2. No disruption to your working environment.  All learning takes place in the workplace so there is no need for college days or missed work.
  3. Motivated and willing candidates.  Apprentices are willing to learn and can be trained to fit into your company ethos and values.
  4. Addresses the issue of skills shortages by being a cost effective way to train new starters.
  5. Apprenticeship providers can deliver a simple hassle free way to recruit an apprentice and many specialise by sector.  Search here for an apprenticeship provider