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Cost Of Recruitment Consultants

How much does a recruitment consultant charge?

There are a number of ways of looking at this question, it can really depend on what costs you take into account when you consider the costs of a recruitment consultant.

Recruitment Consultant Costs

Usually recruitment consultants charge a % of candidates salary as a fee to a client.  This can range from 10% for general roles up to 25% or higher for specific hard to fill positions.  Flat fee recruitment costs are a different pricing model where a fixed fee is charged for a position and is independent of the candidates salary or number of people hired.

Fixed fee recruiting is rapidly growing as it allows small and medium sized businesses to take advantage of professional services for minimal cost.

The true cost of a recruitment consultant can only be measured after the business has made the decision to hire a candidate and could only be really measured weeks after the candidate has been hired.

How so?  Hiring the wrong candidate can be devastating for a business, especially if the business is small and with a limited resource and staff level.  Small businesses rely on their staff to be flexible and a candidate that isn’t a good fit can have an impact on performance of the business as a whole, sometimes in dramatic fashion.

Therefore the true cost of a recruitment consultant should be measured across the initial fee, expertise and also the guarantee offered with the services provided by the consultant.

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