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E recruitment or online recruitment is fast becoming the way to hire new staff for companies of all sizes.  It’s simple, fast, affordable and easy to do.  Here is our reasons why you should make e-recruitment the only way to hire staff.


Looking for staff, recruiting staff and finding talent for your business have traditionally been time-consuming and expensive processes.  The e-recruitment process has brought fast, modern recruiting techniques and made them affordable for small and medium-sized businesses.

The process is quite straightforward.  E-recruiters and fixed fee recruiters take advantage of multiple job boards.  We buy in bulk, so that you can advertise a job vacancy across multiple job boards for the cost of a single advert with one job board.

All applications are monitored using an online applicant tracking system which allows you to keep in control, you get to see every application and can reject candidates or invite them to interview at the click of a button.

CV database searching can easily be incorporated into the recruitment service package and social media marketing is usually included in the price.

Compared to traditional recruiting using consultants, the cost savings are huge.  View our services here.