Here is a list of our most frequently asked questions.

What does Flat Fee Recruitment mean?
Flat Fee recruitment is a way of recruiting staff for your job vacancy without paying traditional recruitment consultant comissions.  For example if you need a 3 sales manager, you could advertise your vacancy with us for £229 and if you want to hire 1,2,3 or more staff it will only cost £229.  No comissions, no extras.

Why not just advertise direct with the major job boards?
If you advertise direct with the job boards you will pay considerably more than if you use our service & will need to tie in to long contracts to get the best rates.  By using our service you will save lots of time & money.  A one off job board ad can cost upwards of £249.  Our network of job boards exceeds 2000 and our unique software allows us to post your job ad to all the relevant job sites with a single click.  We can manage your candidates and create shortlists.  depending upon the package you choose we can also video interview & arrange psychometric testing or arrange interviews for you.

How does this save me money?
Recruitment consultants typically charge 15% of a salary as a comission.  For example, if you hire a sales manager on £30k through a traditional recruitment consultant, you would expect to pay a £4500 fee.  We have differnt packages starting from just £229

What kind of jobs can I advertise?
You can advertise any job vacancy, any location and with any salary.  Our network of major job boards handle all types of job vacancy including permanent, temporary, part-time, full-time or contract.

How do I get started & how long does it take?
It’s really easy to get started.  Simply chose one of our packages from our online store and we’ll contact you to get started writing your advert straight away, or call us on 01925  492749.  Our job ad’s run for a maximum of 6 weeks but most clients recruit much faster than this.

How do your 100% guarantees work?
We know our clients have different budgets and that different services are important to some more than others.  Our entry level package gives employers maximum exposure to the job boards.  You manage all replies and arrange all interviews.  Our enhanced and pro packages are 100% guaranteed to get you a new employee, we utilise our own in house extensive database searches to match clients to your job vacancy.  If you don’t take somebody on by the time the job ad’s run out, we run our services for free until you do.

Do you offer rebates or free replacement candidates?
Yes we do, our services match or exceed other more expensive recruitment agencies.  If you and your candidate don’t work out, we will replace the candidate for free up to 10 weeks after hire (recruitment pro package only.)

How do I pay for your service?
Similart to all the major job boards we accept payments online before we start your campaign.  We accept payment through our dedicated payment handler Paypal. Paypal is safe,secure and can process credit, debit and payments from another paypal account.  You get excellent buyer protection using Paypal and don’t even need a Paypal account to pay online.

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