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Free Job Boards – The Real Cost

Free job boards seem great, advertise a job for no cost.  but what’s the catch?

Using free job boards can be a false economy, I understand how cynical you may be considering provides paid job advertising to businesses looking to hire, but bear with me & I’ll explain.

Free Job Boards.

Free job boards are not as free as they seem.  Lets take UK Staff Search as an example.  The job board advertises ‘post your vacancy for free’  Advertise for free etc, etc and they rank fairly highly in Google for the term ‘Free job board’, so where is the problem?

Sure, it is true you can advertise your job for free, but did you know that you have to pay to see a candidates details when they apply to your job vacancy?  Each candidate may cost up to £5.00 to obtain their contact details?  You of course don’t find this out until you have placed the job ad and the applications start flooding in.

Consider now that you can get upwards of 50 applications for each job vacancy and the costs can soon mount up.

What about really free job boards with no hidden costs?

Ok, so the above is an example of hidden cost, but there are free job boards that don’t do this.  So how do they make their money and what value do they provide for recruiters?

The best example of a free job board used to be Gumtree (they now charge)  You could advertise a job vacancy on this free job board and to be fair you get a good response, some rubbish candidates, some average and some good, but even Gumtree have changed their business model.  As well as receiving revenue through companies advertising on their website, they charge recruiters for placing job adverts.

The reason is this, to attract top candidates you need to spend money, the likes of Fish4, reed and CV library spend millions competing to be the top dog of the job board world and free job boards can’t compete because well, they are free & don’t have the same revenue generation as paid job boards.

It’s a catch 22, free job boards look great to recruiters, employers and businesses looking to hire, but without candidates and I mean top quality candidates that are getting the paid job boards millions of visitors a month, there are no candidates to apply to the job vacancy.

It’s at this point the recruiter realises that the time spent putting a job vacancy on tens of free job boards and getting no replies or very few credible candidates has just set the recruitment process back.  This obviously costs the business time and money that could have been better invested to get results in a much more efficient way.

So what’s the answer?

In our opinion, we recommend using our services to place multiple job vacancy ad’s on paid job boards.  If you want to place a single job ad with each of the leading job boards individually, you could be looking at a bill approaching £175-£250 per ad, per job board.

Using a multi-job board vacancy company or flat fee recruiter, you can not only slash these cost but also get the valuable experience of recruitment consultants writing your job ad, filtering candidates, providing a shortlist & managing your recruitment campaign.

Our services go one step further than our rival online recruiters as we provide full recruitment consultancy services at a fraction of the cost of traditional recruiters.

Have a look for yourself.  See our services or pricing page and learn more about fixed fee recruiting.  It’s the most cost effective, efficient way of recruiting available.