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Get The Best From Recruitment Advertising

Employers are often spoiled for choice when it comes to advertising for new staff.  There are literally thousands of job boards to go for.  Here is our quick guide to getting the most from your recruitment advertising budget.

Recruitment Advertising

1) If your job vacancy is highly specialised, use a highly specialised job board.  Don’t use Monster, reed or any other general job board, no matter how big they are.  Don’t even use us, you will be throwing your money away.  The best advice we can give you for highly specialised jobs or jobs with salaries over £80k is use specialist job boards & or specialist recruiters.

2) If you are advertising one job vacancy, you will more than likely be charged list price from the job board.  Use a flat fee recruiter or multi-job posting company like us.  You will save money & reach a larger target audience.

3) Avoid free job boards, you very rarely get any sort of applications of any worth and will usually receive annoying phone calls from recruiters or the job agency to take out their paid advertising.  Read more about free job board advertising here.

4) Make sure you write your job ad well, so it is compliant and attracts the best response possible.  We do this for free for our clients.

5) Monitor the response, remember candidates are probably not just applying for you vacancy, so contact them quickly & arrange interviews quickly, the best candidate usually receive multiple job offers.  Get in there first.

6) Lots of people search for jobs using social media such as twitter, linkedin & facebook.  All our job ad’s are automatically sent out to these social media giants.  Make sure your recruitment advertising does this for you.

7) Recruitment advertising should hit huge numbers of applicants.  If using a job board make sure they have large numbers of website hits.  We automatically use the largest job boards there are including Total, Monster, Indeed and over 2000 other job boards to give you the biggest response possible for your recruitment advertising budget.

That’s all from our quick guide to recruitment advertising.  Call us today and we can provide the most effective, targeted & cost-effective job board advertising.  All our advice is free & no obligation.  We have packages to suit you.