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Get The Most From Recruitment Sites

Recruitment sites serve a dual purpose, companies and businesses use recruitment sites to help fill vacancies by placing adverts, carrying out headhunting activities such as social media recruitment and also CV database searching.  They also allow candidates to register a CV or search job boards.

Recruitment Sites

So how do businesses get the most value or best service from recruitment sites and which one should they choose?

Traditional recruiters charge large fees such as a 10% of salary or more as a fee to a client, so they are expensive, but to be fair they do work well for specialist vacancies.

Job boards are good because they allow employers to manage their own responses and track candidates but it is difficult to know which one is best for any particular vacancy.  Job boards can also be expensive to place just one advert with no guarantee of success.

For these reasons we created a recruitment site that combines the best of both worlds.  A combination of a traditional recruiter with all the services they bring to the table, without the cost and a multiple job posting tool and applicant tracking system to keep employers in control.

The benefits of using Recruit Staff Online as your recruitment site are clear.

  • Low cost flat fee recruitment.
  • Multiple job board posting with free applicant tracking system.
  • Social media advertising included.
  • CV database searching.
  • Candidate shortlist creation.
  • 100% hiring guarantee.
  • Free candidate replacement if things don’t work out.

For a recruitment website that tick’s all your recruitment boxes, contact us today.  Our advice is Free.