Hiring Managers – Act Fast

Are you a hiring manager?  Had problems with sourcing candidates?  Here is how to attract and get the top candidates.

Recruit The Right Candidates

Time and time again recruiters miss out on the top candidates.  It’s important that the job ad, application or CV that comes through to you is treated as just the first step.  Just because a candidate applied for the job, it doesn’t mean they will end up working for you.

1.) The biggest problem we see as recruiters is employers without a plan.  Sure you may know the job you want to hire for, but what are the next steps.  Communicate effectively the recruitment process or lose the top quality candidates along the way.

2.) Manage the candidates expectations.  If a candidate has applied and you don’t want to take them further.  Tell them.  If you are interviewing and holding one in reserve, tell them also.  Otherwise they will go elsewhere.

3.) Have a simple point of contact for the recruiter, ideally the decision maker and make sure that when candidates CV’s come over they are dealt with fast, efficiently and as per the recruitment process set out in the recruiting plan.

4.) Like a candidate?  Don’t wait to get more in so you can compare, get the interview done.  If they are good, hire them.  Waiting will cost you a candidate.  The reason?  Candidates, or top candidates will not be short of offers.  Get them into your company fast before somebody else snaps them up.

5.) Need psychometric profiles or aptitude tests doing?  Get everyone who applies to submit one at the beginning.  Save yourself time, you don’t need to read every one, just the ones that make it to your shortlist.  Saving time in the recruitment process is critical to ensure that the top candidates don’t slip away.

6.) Ask your shortlist why they want the job, what other jobs they have applied for and what they are looking for in an employer?  Candidates can and do choose other companies over yours if they feel they are more valued or their needs are met better elsewhere.  Ensure you communicate career progression, development and learning to candidates, it’s as important as the salary to many people.

7.) Do what you say you are going to do on the day that you are going to do it.  Nothing annoys or frustrates candidates more than an employer who doesn’t follow-up in time or doesn’t provide a proper process that is set out and met meticulously.  If you can’t run your recruitment to schedule then what impression does this give to the candidate of your business?

8.) Get help.  Specialist recruiters like us handle all the candidate applications and expectations.  We know how to ensure that the top candidates are engaged and managed properly all through out the recruitment process.  Leaving you time to interview and employ the right candidate.

Choose Recruit Staff Online as your recruitment partner and we’ll ensure your recruitment process runs flawlessly.