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How To Best Source Recruitment Services

Source Your Recruitment Services Like This

To source recruitment, you first need to know what attributes of the recruitment process are most important to your business.  Do you need to source a recruiter who is the cheapest, the most knowledgeable in your industry or maybe the closest to your business geographically?

There are hundreds and thousands of recruitment services and hundreds of ways of differentiating them.  Lets start with a highly specific technical director role for an It business.

Highly specific technical roles

The best recruitment service for this role would be to go to specialist, executive IT recruitment company.  Although they are likely to charge a hefty fee, you would be well advised to utilise their expertise & they are highly likely to be able to find well suited, qualified candidates for your vacancy.  As a flat fee recruiter we are not best suited for this role & neither is any other flat recruiter or general recruitment company.  No matter what they may tell you, specialist recruiters are the way to go for all executive, highly technical job vacancies.  They have more knowledge and experience and more importantly contacts, than anybody else.

General – Mid Level Job Vacancies

Use a fixed fee recruiter or online recruitment agency.  Any vacancy up to about £50-£60k is best handled by an online recruitment company or flat fee recruitment company for the following reasons.  Online recruiters and flat fee agencies such as Recruit Staff Online carry out exactly the same services as a general recruitment consultancy, but at a much more competitive fee.  All the same services as a general recruitment consultant are carried out, such as multiple job board posting, CV database searching, free candidate replacement & 100% hiring guarantees.

Obviously we can’t speak for every online recruiter but we do know the market exceptionally well.  We know how to get the best response per £ or $ spent on hiring talent in this sector, because it is our speciality, we have experience and we know how to advertise your job vacancy to get results.

The major plus side for clients is that they save £1000’s and can hire multiple staff for each job vacancy, with no loss in service compared to the traditional way they would source their recruitment services.

Ok, What About Unskilled Workers

It’s unlikely recruitment consultants would be used to hire unskilled workers, with an abundance of people available in this sector the level of involvement and cost of recruitment consultants are just not needed.  The best way to source workers in this category is to place multiple job adverts across the major job boards and move suitable candidates straight to interview.  Multiple job board advertising gives the biggest return for your recruitment needs & allows clients to save money against individual job adverts with each job board individually.

General Points About Sourcing Recruitment Services

  • Don’t get sucked in to paying over the odds for your recruitment.
  • Match the best recruiters to your vacancy.  If it is highly specialised or executive level, use the right agency.  A specialised one.
  • For general – mid level vacancies use a low-cost recruiter.
  • Utilise 100% guarantees.

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