how to write a job description

How To Write A Job Description

Are you struggling with how to write your job description?  Get it wrong and you could miss out on lots of potential perfect matches for your job vacancy.  Here is how you can get the most from writing your job description in a quick guide.

How To Write A Job Description

Can writing your job description for your advert be that important in attracting candidates?  Absolutely, when writing a job description it’s important to communicate three clear things.  Who you are, who/what you are looking for and why should the candidate apply.

If you get these three things across in your job description you will find not only a better response to your job advert, but also a better matched candidate or a higher quality candidate.  The reason is fairly obvious, if you communicate exactly what you are looking for, candidates aren’t guessing if they have the right skills.

  • Keep your job description, accurate, concise and to the point.
  • Don’t waffle.
  • Give a brief overview of the company and why you are recruiting.
  • Make sure you communicate what needs to be done in the role.
  • Detail why candidates should apply.

Crucially detail how candidates should apply.  Do you want people to call you email, you, apply direct to the job board?  Make this clear and you will have an ordered and manageable system to process all the job applications that come through to you.

Hopefully this quick guide has shown you how to write a job description.

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