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Job Postings – The Do’s & Don’ts

Ok, so you have created or want to create a job posting on online recruitment job boards, what’s the best approach, where do you advertise a job vacancy and how do you manage the responses?

Job Postings – What To Do

  • Do keep your job posting text brief and to the point.  Avoid large paragraphs.
  • Use bullet points, especially for ‘skills required’ or ‘responsibilities & ‘requirements’ it helps keep candidate responses targeted.
  • Spell check your job posting.  Make your company stand out as professional people to attract top talent.
  • Be clear, communicate what the job is, who you want to apply and what is in it for the candidates.
  • Offer a salary range it will broaden the appeal and allow you to assess applicants at both ends of the scale.
  • State how applicants should apply, by phone, email or through the job board.
  • Use an applicant tracking system.  It easily allows you to assess and communicate with candidates from one place.
  • Respond to candidates promptly.  If the candidates are applying to your job posting, they are probably applying to others.  If you see one you like, act fast.

Job Postings – What Not To Do

  • Don’t write a huge essay about your company.  Keep the details brief, candidates can always find out more from your website.
  • If you are placing an ad on multiple job boards, don’t put you company name on the ad, use an online recruitment specialist that will shield you and your business from calls made by recruitment consultants trying to get business from you.
  • Advertise on one job board, it’s the biggest potential waste of money.  Unless you advertise regularly, you won’t know which job board to use to get the best response, you could get no applicants and lose money.  Job boards don’t give you a guarantee.
  • Don’t be ambiguous in your job posting.  Keep things to the point and factual.
  • List 100 things you want the applicant to or have as required skills.  Detail the skills or requirements in order of priority of importance to you and state so in your job ad.

Above all, make sure your job posting gives you the biggest return on your investment, don’t use one job board, use an online recruitment agency that posts to multiple job boards, it will cost you the same as one job posting on a major job board.

Use an online recruiter that posts to social media also and has an applicant tracking system that means you can effectively manage the responses.

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