job recruitment

Job Recruitment

Job recruitment services have traditionally been provided by recruitment agencies or job boards and newspapers advertising.  The advent of social media and online recruitment agencies has really opened the recruitment market wide open.

Job Recruitment

Lets say you are recruiting for an admin person for a local business.  Somebody who can take control of the office and make sure all the paperwork is done on time.  Lots of small businesses recruit admin staff, they are in demand personnel.  But how do you go about recruiting for this job?

You could go to a recruitment consultant, they will definitely be able to recruit for this role, unless they are absolutely awful at recruitment.  They’ll also give you a large bill at the end.  Maybe 10% of salary or more.  This can easily reach into the thousands.

You could try a newspaper advert for job recruitment.  Do they really work?  Modern employees are connected on social media, registered on job boards and receiving job openings on their smart phones.

A newspaper ad probably only appeals to a very small percentage of job seekers, so won’t give you a great return on investment, then you have to manually track any applications.  It can be time-consuming.

Multiple job board posting

Job boards are great and we’ve covered how to find the best one and also how to use them to your advantage in other posts in our blog.  So we’ll skip over the do’s and don’ts.  They can be expensive for a one of advert so be careful!

For us, we think the best way forward in job recruitment is to use a multiple job posting or online recruiter.  Here is why

Online recruiters can target the most amount of people suitable for a job vacancy in the least amount of time for the least cost.

Add in 100% guarantees, CV database searching and free applicant tracking systems, you can easily see why recruiting online is the best solution for job recruitment.  It works and offers all the advantages of a recruiter at a cost that is more effective than placing a single job ad with a major job board.

To coin a phrase, it’s a ‘no-brainer’  Why not have a look at our recruitment services or start your job recruitment with the lowest cost flat fee online recruiter in the business.  100% guaranteed.