multiple job board posting

Multiple Job Boards

Multiple Job Board Posting

There are so many job boards to choose from when employers look to advertise jobs that it can be an expensive mistake to choose the wrong one.  Even the major players such as Monster, Reed & Total perform differently depending on the role that is advertised.

Our experience tells us that if you are looking to advertise jobs on multiple job boards, different job vacancies get different response rates on different job boards.  This is why it’s critical for your budget to choose one that performs.

Using a combined multiple job board posting for your advert not only minimises your risk, but reduces your advertising costs also.  Typically we can post your advert to over 2000 job boards for the cost of one or two adverts on well known job boards.

Improve Job Advert Performance

How you write your job ad can also make a big difference to how your advert performs on multiple job boards.  Included in our multiple job board posting is our job description and ad writing service.  We know what makes a job ad successful, that’s why we include it in our price for posting your job vacancy.

Our writing service focuses on attracting the best candidates for the job, we highlight the business strengths and structure the advert to make it  stand out, entice and appeal to the type of candidates you want to employ in your business.

Along with our CV database searching and guaranteed recruitment service, this makes our services different than our competition who promote a DIY style of recruitment.

If you are looking to advertise on multiple job boards or lower the cost of your recruitment, see the difference today and have a look at how our recruitment services can benefit you.