RPO Recruitment

Outsourced Recruitment (RPO) & Fixed Fee Recruitment

(Rpo) or recruitment process outsourcing is a growing trend in the recruitment industry.  The need for UK businesses to look to slash their recruitment costs has never been so important.  Many HR departments are under pressure to deliver world class talent into their organisations with ever reducing costs.  Whilst flat fee recruitment isn’t going to completely reduce all the costs of the HR department, it will reduce the costs of hiring staff.

RPO Recruitment

If you think of the fees charged by recruitment consultants, figures of 12% of candidate salary are typical.

For many positions this cost can’t really be justified.  Hiring drivers, admin & retail staff costs can be slashed by using a flat fee recruiter  Here is an example.

A new retail shop needs 5 sales staff to work in a new outlet.

Typical salary £13,000

Traditional Recruiter charges 10% of salary. (£1300 per employee)

If the retail shop hires 5 people that works out at £6500 in fees.

Flat fee models allow multiple hires for the same positions so the costs to recruit 5 staff could be as low as £199+Vat saving thousands

Outsource Your Hiring

Ok, so the above example shows the fees that are likely to be saved but does it really work?  The answer is in 9 out of 10 cases yes.

The reason that it does not work in 10 out of 10 cases is because there are some hiring positions such as company directors & other highly specialised positions that do need the specific headhunting skills of a niche recruitment consultant.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) is something most businesses already do.

If you think that most businesses already use job boards, recruitment consultants etc.  Fixed fee recruitment is very similar

You get to fix a manageable cost for every new employee, this enables you to effectively plan and budget your recruitment costs better

For the majority of hires in the UK, the flat fee or fixed fee recruitment recruitment model works perfectly.

The fixed fee recruitment model tends to get bad mouthed by traditional recruitment consultants because they are looking to protect their high fees.

We can show you exactly what you get for your money, we even 100% guarantee you will hire staff with some of our products as well as offer 30 day rebate periods

Outsourcing your staffing requirements will help you control costs, reduce workload and recruit faster and more effectively.

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