recruitment solutions

Recruitment Solutions

The best recruitment solutions are those that fit your company profile & job description best.  There are so many recruitment solutions available to businesses so we have put together a guide to help you make the right choice for your needs.

Recruitment Solutions

It’s no secret that there are thousands of job boards, recruitment agencies and consultants in the market.  So how do you decide on the best recruitment solution for you?  Here is our list of different ways you can recruit for your business with some pros and cons.

  • Free job boards – Pro – No Cost.  Con – Little useful response & sometimes hidden costs (see our post on free job boards)
  • Social recruiting – Pro – Instant response.  Con – Niche marketing approach.  Should be used as part of a wider recruitment solutions package.
  • Recruitment Consultants – Pro – Usually find candidates.  Con – Most expensive of typical recruitment solutions.
  • Newspaper job advertising – Pro – Struggling to think of one.  Con –  Expensive, poor reach and outdated method of recruiting.
  • Paid job boards – Pro – Good response, instant targeted advertising. Con – Can be (relatively) expensive for a one of advert.
  • CV Database Search – Pro – Targeted candidate searching.  Con – Passive candidates.  Should be used as part of wider recruitment solution.
  • Online Recruiters – Pro – good response, fast response, utilises all job boards, cv database search, low-cost. Con – Difficult to think of one.

Ok so maybe as an online recruiter we may be a little biased but in reality, there really isn’t a lot of negatives to associate with online recruitment.  Low costs, fast response and advertising across all media for comprehensive candidate response

Use Recruit Staff online for your first choice recruitment solution.  We can advertise your job vacancy on multiple job boards for the price you would pay for a single job advert on a major job board.

We include social media marketing, 100% hiring guarantees, free candidate replacements and cv database searching at low-cost recruiting rates.  So contact us today to start recruiting.