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Revolutionising The Recruitment Industry

The recruitment industry has needed a fresh approach for a while.  Some new initiatives and a more flexible way to approach the business of recruiting staff.

Recruitment Industry Problems.

The main issues with recruitment have been the cost and the speed of hire.  Not everything within the recruitment industry is broken but there are lots of things that could be done better.  An example is that most businesses don’t actually know what they are paying for when they engage a recruitment consultant.  Sure they know they will get a candidate, but how do businesses know they are getting good value?

Unfortunately they don’t.  When a recruitment consultant quotes a fee, I doubt they breakdown their costs.  If they recruit from their internal candidate database do they reduce their fee?  It’s unlikely.

The speed that recruitment consultants work is also an issue to small businesses.  Progress updates are slower than they could be and they often have the feeling of not being in control of their hiring decision.

Progress is being made, the advent of the flat fee recruiter or website that allows you to post a job vacancy to the major job boards is finding success and is a growing market share within the recruitment industry as a whole.  Here is why.

  • Advertise on all the major job boards for reduced rates
  • 100% hiring guarantees
  • Free candidate replacements
  • CV database searching
  • Stay in control.  Online applicant tracking systems
  • No contracts or extra fees.

If this sounds like how you think the recruitment industry should operate why not have a look at our pricing page, we think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

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