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Recruitment Service For Small Business

Small businesses are often some of the fastest growing companies, hiring staff as they grow.  Small businesses also make up a large percentage of overall businesses, so why does the recruitment world seem to ignore this type of business?

Small Business Recruitment

Traditional recruiters charge a % of candidate salary as a fee to businesses to fill job vacancies.  This type of recruitment usually excludes most small businesses from professional recruitment services due to cost.  Even filling a junior sales position can easily cost many thousands of pounds or dollars.  During the early years of small businesses these are costs that just can’t be absorbed or swallowed, but it is also obvious that small businesses need talented individuals to help grow and expand the business.  So what’s the solution?

Flat Fee Recruitment

Flat fee recruitment is a simple model that opens the world of professional recruitment services to small businesses.  Traditional recruiters are a little bit scared of flat fee recruitment companies because they threaten their very existence.  Sure, specialist agencies can be worth their weight in gold and they do have links to highly specialised individuals and networks that help source people with hard to find skills, but do businesses really need to pay 15%-25% of a candidates salary to find individuals with skills that are more common place.

Take an admin assistant for example, people with these skills are fairly common compared to somebody who can perform open heart surgery or chair a research company, but they are still skilled people who need to be carefully matched to a job role.  Newspaper ad’s just don’t cut it and often don’t pull in enough applicants and they can be money down the drain, but traditional recruitment just costs too much.

Post A Job Advert

A flat fee recruiter allows small and medium sized businesses with the resources to advertise jobs on multiple job boards and utilise some of the tools that are normally used by traditional recruitment consultants at a fraction of the price such as CV database searches, applicant tracking systems and guaranteed candidate placements.

Job ad’s get posted on major job boards and pull in the candidates, different service levels allow the employers to mix an match what services they really need to their budget.  Flat fee recruiters allow small and medium sized businesses to get more value for money and utilise professional recruitment services without paying high fees.

To find out more about reducing recruitment costs by advertising across multiple job boards visit our how pricing page or see exactly what recruitment services best suit your business.  Its really the best small business recruitment solution available.