letter of termination of employment

Termination Of Employment Letter

A termination of employment letter is something that most employers dread having to write.  It means something is wrong within an organisation, an employee has behaved badly committed and act of gross misconduct or not performed well in a job role.

Termination of Employment Letter

Below you will find an example of a termination of employment letter, before you download this letter it’s important to realise that sacking or firing an employee is bad for all parties, the employee doesn’t want to be fired and the business is going to lose out financially.

It’s going to cost money for the business to fire an employee, temporary cover or overtime may need to be scheduled to cover the fired employee’s working hours, there may be a tribunal hearing etc, etc.

One area where the firing of an employee needn’t have an adverse effect on the company budget is the recruitment of a replacement member of staff.

When you are ready to replace the member of staff you are firing, remember to contact us, your online recruitment agency to fill your job vacancy.  We specialise in providing low-cost recruitment to all industries in the UK and provide free access to our online applicant tracking system when you take out recruitment services.

Your job advert will be placed across multiple job boards, we can conduct cv database searches on your behalf and offer 100% guarantees.  We’ll even replace a candidate free of charge within 30 days if you ever need a letter of employment termination again.

In the meantime, here is your letter please download and amend as you wish.  We have to give credit to Microsoft letter templates for this one.

Termination of employment letter

As soon as you know you need a new member of staff, come back to us and we’ll recruit your next staff member.