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Want To Work From Home?

Do you or somebody you know want to work from home?  Why not refer clients to us?  We have excellent payment terms and unlimited earnings potential.

Looking To Work From Home?

We are a specialist flat fee recruitment company that deals with all kinds of UK businesses.  We help these businesses recruit staff to fill their vacancies at a low cost flat fee.  All our recruiting is done online so we can pass the savings direct to the employers, helping them to recruit for less.

We offer people the ability to earn a second income or work from home by simply referring businesses with recruiting needs to us.  We pay a commission or fee when the client takes an advertising service with us.

As our prices are really low and service levels high, it’s easy to see how our recruitment packages sell to small and medium sized businesses across the UK.

If you are looking to start working from home or take advantage of our recruitment referral scheme then there are no complex paperwork forms to fill in or applications.  You can get started today.

You can view all our services on our pricing page

Simply use our contact form below to tell us who you think would be interested in our service and we’ll do the rest.  Get started working from home today.