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What Are The Best Staffing Solutions In Recruitment?

To find an effective solution, it really does depend on what your staff problems are.  Here we will talk about different staffing solutions in recruitment.  How you could recruit staff & the different methods to do so.

There are so many different recruitment agencies, jobs boards, recruitment advertising , training and specialist temp & permanent recruiters it really can be difficult to know where to start.  We will try to give you a breakdown of each type of recruiter or service and provide some help in how you can best utilise each type of service.

Different Staffing Solutions

There are so many jobs boards it can be daunting to know where to place your advert.  There are huge household name job boards such as Monster, Reed, Fish4 etc that have virtually every type of vacancy to specialist jobs boards such as the career engineer or just engineers that deal with specific industries.

General job boards tend to do well with driving jobs, admin jobs, sales jobs etc but you can get huge variation from one job board to the next.  For one off adverts, the large job boards can also be expensive as a staffing solution for recruiting staff.

Specialist job boards are ideal if you are trying to source candidates with specific technical skills or if you know your potential future employees are in high demand or difficult to find.  You have to find where they go on the internet to job hunt.

Flat fee recruitment is another way to get access to all these job boards at a much cheaper cost than taking out an individual advert with each.  We have also written a post about which job board is best if you want more info on job boards.

CV database searches

As far as a staffing solutions goes, CV database searches are great because they allow you to enter specific skills, job titles or other keywords to really pin down your future employees.  The downside is that they can be expensive and also there is no guarantee that the person you hunt down through the system is still looking for a job, or that their details are up to date or that they would want to work for your company.  After all they didn’t apply to your job advert.

CV database searches are worthwhile & if you use one of the larger CV databases such as CV library, there are literally millions to go through and search.

Recruitment Consultants

Recruitment consultants do the cv database searching and also place job ad’s for you and are an effective staffing solution.  But & this is a big but, they are expensive.  15% of your future employee salary expensive.  Your bill will be £1000’s for using a recruitment consultant to hire new staff.

As a flat fee recruiter you would think we have a dislike for recruitment consultants.  That’s not true, whilst we think recruitment consultants are expensive for 80% of job vacancies that need filling.  For specialist skills, industries and certain types of jobs, they are worth their fee & will provide high quality candidates that other recruitment methods just won’t attract as well for the same amount of money.

Where recruitment consultants don’t really work out is for jobs like admin assistants, sales staff, general management, drivers.  Basically and entry or mid level position you can think of.  The reason is not that recruitment consultants can’t find these candidates.  They can, they just charge way too much money for this service.  This is where fixed fee recruitment really saves you money


Referrals from existing staff members can seem like a diamond of a staff solution in the recruitment world.  Employers think, no fees to pay and the candidate must be good if a staff member who already knows my company values is recommending somebody.

In an ideal world, I would agree.  The downside is that if the recommended staff member arrives and doesn’t work out, how does you existing staff member feel, do they feel guilty for recommending them?  Where they a friend?  Will it affect the existing staff member performance?

Sometimes over familiarity can creep in, employers feel they have to employ a recommended candidate or relax their recruiting methods, interview standards or company policy to try to fit the recommended candidate in.

On the flip side it can often work out well for all parties concerned.  If you have a different or other preferred recruitment solution for hiring your staff we’d love to hear it and we’ll publish your comments below.  If you need any help in recruiting staff for your business or organisation why not give us a call, our advice is free.

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