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Which Job Board Is Best?

This is quite a difficult question to answer.  Most job boards claim to cover all industries and also get the best response to a job.  In actual fact this is rarely the case.

Which Job Board Is Best?

We frequently get different response rates from different job boards.  The usual suspects such as Monster, reed, total, etc perform well for general jobs.  But not as well for more specialised or niche roles.  But even amongst the big job boards there can be large variations.  So it can be difficult to define the best job board.  For example we have seen difference in the number of applications for the same role from different job boards.

As jobs become more specialist & skilled the specialist job boards really come into their own.  Engineering vacancies tend to get higher response rates from the career engineer or just engineers as you would expect.

For the average business it is important to get the right job boards for the right job vacancy otherwise costly advertising expenses can soon mount up.

This is where multiple job board posting sites or fixed fee recruitment & advertising recruitment agencies really come into their own.  Advertising across multiple major job boards really spreads the risk of the business advertising the job vacancy.  This is because the response is a combination of applicants across multiple job boards, meaning if 1 job board yields few candidates, it doesn’t really matter.  So the best job board is probably multiple ones.

Furthermore if the fixed fee recruiter is worth it’s money, it will know how to tailor your vacancy to the job boards to get the best results.  For the best of all worlds, advertise your job vacancy with us.  Low fixed fee recruitment with guaranteed results.

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