cv database search

Why CV Database Searching Provides Top Candidates

For certain job vacancies, posting a job ad just might not be enough.  Specific roles such as engineering, more senior sales jobs, and IT jobs, CV database searching can boost applicant numbers.  Job ads pull candidates that are actively looking for a new employer.  CV database searching allows you to tap into the passive job hunter.

CV Database Search

Most employers think that employees are either looking for a new job or they or not.  It isn’t quite so simple or as black and white as this.  There are millions of employees across the UK that aren’t actively looking for a job, as in they don’t scour the job boards every day looking for new job vacancies.

They upload their CV to a database and set search parameters that allows headhunters and recruiters to search for their CV against certain keywords.  For example and IT manager may upload a CV to the database and ask only to be contacted for IT manager vacancies with a salary over £50k for example.

The advantage to the candidate is that they don’t have to search all the job boards and they will only usually be contacted if there is a good match to their ideal job.  The candidate knows that if they are contacted by a recruiter they have a good chance of getting the job or they wouldn’t have been contacted.

From a recruiting point of view CV database searches are a great tool to identify talent and invite a candidate to apply for a job who may have missed the job advert or only looking for highly matched job descriptions that suit their skills.  Employers/recruiters often utilise this tool to recruit highly sought after talent that they otherwise cannot source.

Why not include CV database searching into your next recruitment drive.  View our pricing page for more details.