job advertisement

Your Job Advertisement. Get It Right.

If you are looking to place or write a job advertisement, where do you start?  It can be tricky knowing what to write or put in your job advertisement and also where to put the job advertisement once you have written it.

Job Advertisement – How To Write It.

Keep it as brief as possible.  Start with a short description about the organisation or business and the sector the business is in.  State exactly what type of applicant or candidate you want.

Detail the candidates job title, what the tasks are that you expect them to carry out.  Some details of the main functions or responsibilities that they will have.  What targets will they be expected to achieve and how quickly.

The next section should detail what skills you think the applicant should have and how many years experience or the level of experience for each skill.

Finally, make sure you include how they should apply to you, what’s in it for the candidate.  For example to you offer flexible working, bonuses, healthcare or a company car.  These things are part of what makes applicants apply to job advertisements.

Where To Put The Finished Job Advertisement

We have previously written articles on the best job boards or free job boards as a place to put your written job advertisement.  The long and short of it is that there are thousands of places to put a job advert but the best chance of success is to advertise on a lot of them.  If you do this individually it is time consuming and expensive.  You then also have the problem of tracking all the applicants.

The best solution is to use a service that writes the job ad for you, posts the job ads on major job boards such as Monster, Total, Gumtree and over 2000 others.

We can do all this for you.  The best bit is that we also let you use our online applicant tracking system to monitor job response, you can accept and reject all job applications from one place.

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